Friday, July 25, 2008

How about a trip to your local nursery or farm this weekend?

Take a short trip to your local farm or nursery this weekend! In addition to supporting your local growers you will also be doing something unique and close to home, which is a lot easier on gas! Plus you can enjoy the "fruits of your adventure" when you bring home your bounty! A lot of community growers open their acres during nice weather to the masses to enjoy in their growing splendor. Pick your own flowers or fruit, meet your neighbors and let the family run around in the sun! With an added bonus for parents, since the experience can contribute to a young person's sense of community and gives them insight as to where their food comes from. One of my favorite spots here in the Northern California area is High Hand Nursery. In the heart of downtown Loomis lies a garden inspired by the simple beauty of quiet trees and unusual plants. At High Hand Nursery, artistry and nature meet. You'll embark on a sensory-filled journey as you discover their lush and peaceful retreat. They even have a strawberry patch for you to meander through, and the berries are free for the picking!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Local Black Eyed Susans!

Photo by Rachel Valley

Beautiful summer flowers!